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Designed to simplify the procedures for check-in and check-out both Nautical Charter for Car Rental

Charter Checklist it was founded in collaboration between My Appy and companies operating in the charters and in the car rental.


Charter Checklist

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The App is a management software designed to be used by the Customer under the supervision by the Base Manager.
The customer, after the Base Manager will be logged, will compile the check-in through a simple and intuitive process.

decrease the waiting time to check in

improves the efficiency of Base Manager

makes more sailings simultaneously

to each boat has its associated checklist, for maximum customization

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You can use photos to document the status of the boat at the time of delivery

will be able to reduce any future dispute

uses an incontrovertible tool

your customer will receive, in real time, the entire document complete of photos

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The procedure can be closed only by the Base Manager after a check on the entire checklist. Your client will be helped by the Base Manager for the eventual identification of objects not found.

for each object we can insert custom additional info

the Checklist is divided following the boat areas

during the checklist process will always go back

once supervised and closed the Base Manager will not be able to change the checklist

closing takes place with the signing of the Customer and the countersignature of Manager Base on the iPad

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The first step of the check-in is closed with the signing (on iPad directly) of the customer, the skipper and the Base Manager. The second step is the initiation of the procedure of the security deposit by credit card.
All data is backed up automatically generate a PDF document, including signatures, which is sent in real time to the customer, the Base Manager (optional) and to the Administrative Office of the Company.

The Administrative Office will have a real-time reports of completed procedures

The Office will receive in real time all the data for the security deposit

Your customer will have on his mail in digital document, printable, the check-in

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At the back of the boat, will only have to enter the contract number and the details of check-in (fixed) will be recalled. In parallel it can be started the check-out procedure: The App will highlight in red any discrepancies.
To complete the process and the duties of the Manager Base the document Damage Report , an integrated database which includes spare parts and related costs and labor costs. This database is drawn up on the instructions of the charter company.
Your customer will then have the opportunity to immediately sign a damage report showing damage and costs to compensate. The Base Manager will still have the ability to edit new spare parts or apply any discounts that will remain visible in the final document.
Finally the classic Charter Report for the overall assessment by the customer on the entire work of the society.

in parallel Check-out with check in

Report Damage connected to the database (edited) with the costs of spare parts and labor

Charter Report for the overall evaluation by the customer




Offer a value added service to your customers

Simplify your procedures

Improve the performance of your Base Manager

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request